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It was my first day of work in old age and my beautiful wife Em was mocking me all morning - Em is lush and pleasingly plump middle-aged, not a super model catwalk stick insects and sexy, but should be seen as a real woman. She had been wearing a terrycloth robe very xvideos short shower in the morning and had finally taken over as there was a knock at the door... ' Leave it,' he said, ' No, it will xvideos be the postman at this time in the morning and is attacking,' said my wife grabbed the terry cloth robe. 'Are you going to xvideos make fun of him too? ' ' Might,' my wife said with a wink and cheeky, he was gone... can our room by the door of our destination to see without being seen from below. So I looked at my scantily clad woman opened the door and she was right, it was absolutely packed and lifted the postman, the package in his hand, like a drowned rat, poor animals... This xvideos package requires a signature, so Em asked for rain, are while signed for him and closed the door as a postman, he went to the back of my wife leaned over to see our table of the room to sign your electronic gizmo... saw his eyes light up when the postman Em reveals all about her sexy bare legs and, judging by the big silly grin that splits his lean face, must have been a hint of rosy cheeks naked in the purchase... WOW, they really made ​​fun of him, and thought you might start to feel my todger contractions on their own initiative. Then, apparently without change enough over time or with significant words, looked awesome, as my wife picked it up, opened his pants and pulled out his wallet hard fully erect penis and began to jerk off.. Suddenly everything was on the clarity and xvideos intensity that was overwhelming and crushing, but by feelings of anger xvideos or jealousy and betrayal emotion I felt was complete, pure animal. Without taking his eyes from the scene below me, I got my own pina colada andalso noted that it is hard rock and literally touch and ends in my hand... Almost immediately after the postman gave the knee, I heard him groan and saw my wife's pain control compress again in the pants, 'That's your reward Mr Postman to provide this home at any time,' and left, closing the door behind him with the... was talking too surprised and confused as I had just been in a car accident and thought is what really happens only 'and my previous fears, like everything happened so quickly and without verbal exchange, ' has this happened , before ' I thought... I just wanted to start xvideos asking questions when I turned my back on him Em seemed to me, and turn right into our living room table and reveals much more than a touch cheek, 'I have a xvideos very naughty wife, my husband and I deserve a beating, 'Oh, yes, I think my favorite and I was walking down the stairs three at a time... I n Em fingers from pussy ago and was absolutely SOAKWet and while playing with her crack and lost his ass and big gorgeous naked in the morning Em said the facts as if he had not witnessed first hand... I must say that recap, the verbal was almost as sexy and exciting as the original event. Em must have felt the same, because soon came and lay on the table panting and puffing, and I like my woman is beautiful, naked, looked at me and lost all the big red mark cream hand... Maybe it's just my imagination, but as a drop of water hit a hot topic, there was a hiss and a cloud of steam, as my contact with the semen with my wife beautiful, sexy, fabulous is red hot balls.. ?
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